Welcome on my personal website.

16 May 2015

Many bugs have been resolved on the Jaguar FPGA project.

22 February 2015

Added my ST2Jag Optimized code from the Orion_'s original source into the Jaguar section.

7 December 2014

Added my Jaguar FPGA project in FPGA section.

2 December 2013

The second JagCFv3 is now complete.
Need now to try it and finish the firmware. :)

24 November 2013

I'm soldering another JagCFv3 to verify everything is working.
50% of it is done. (arround 100 components on 204)
It takes more times than I remind :/
The other 50% will be done next weekend.

25 October 2013

Added :
- "Fixing the Jaguar after using a wrong PSU" in Jaguar section
- "JagCFv3" in FPGA/CPLD section
- demos video of the JagCFv2 in FPGA/CPLD section
- "External Links" section

23 October 2013

Added some Electronic and FPGA stuff.

20 October 2013

New Website. In construction.