- Eiffels

- Catnip

- DebugCard

- Jagtopus


This board was made to provide a new easiest solution to produce Jaguar cartridge.
It's composed by an eeprom, one 4Mbytes flash memory and transceiver (for level shifting)

Five prototype was made for the first version. Then ten prototype was made for the sercond version.
The board is now in production for various projects.

First prototype

Final product starring Poulpy (thanks GT !)


This board was made to add interface to the JagCFv2 that will be added to do the JagCFv3.
There are PS/2, CAN, UART on USB interfaces.
There are also three power regulator that will be used to power all JagCFv3's components.

Before soldering

With all components

Testing the board with the JagCFv2 on my overclocked Jaguar

To check the CAN interface, a printer port to CAN interface was made.

Before soldering

With all components

Catnip (code named JagWire)

This board is a USB to BJL interface for the Jaguar.
It gives the ability to use BJL with a modern PC that don't have printer port.
The data rate was greater than with a printer port.

Thanks to Zerosquare for the idea, PC and atmel software. :)
Two prototype was made.



Someone on yaronet forum ask me if I can make him Eiffels board for his portable STe.
So I made two of them. :)

Eiffels board give the ability to connect PS/2 mouse and keyboard onto Atari STe computers.